May 29, 2019

SEAL Friendly 2019

SEAL Friendly 2019 took place at Southampton University on Sunday 19th May.

Captain’s Report

The day started out well as we got to Wide Lane nice and early to set up and assemble equipment. Thanks to everyone who helped out the day before there wasn’t much left to do in the morning! We started shooting at 10am with three rounds being scored: St George, Albion and Windsor. It was great weather as it was dry and not very breezy. After the first [read more…]

Dec 04, 2017

Lunch at the Canarvon Arms – WONT from the perspective of the Competitions Officer

After a slightly hectic Friday night organising equipment, there were only a few things that needed doing on Saturday morning, and we left Southampton in convoy at 11am, with our car (Lukas driving, Stuart, Bo and Irina passengers) stopping by campus to drop off the keys to the range.

Once out of the city and onto main roads, we realised quickly that Lukas’ car was behaving sluggishly, however this had been the case at leg 1 of SEAL Recurve the previous [read more…]

Nov 24, 2017

Oh My God, We Killed Kennie!!

Despite the early start, people turned up on time and we got off to a quick start, getting everyone set up with their equipment in time to start at 9:30.

Unusually for SUAC, the shoot progressed almost entirely without incident, apart from the seniors helping with scoring getting rather excited when the leaders in the field amongst the gents (Kennie and Fabrizio) were only a few points apart each time the scores were updated.

With everyone shooting a lot more arrows than [read more…]

Jul 07, 2017

Agent K returns in Operation Dunster

Mission Report





Priority target acquired.

Location: Dunster, Somerset

Date: 12/6/17 – 18/6/17

Your mission should you choose to accept; rendezvous with Agent M at Field Base 1 on 11/6/17 and proceed to the staging point 1 in the morning. Your primary objective is to shoot in the competition held under the watch of those in the fortification above. Do not fear, support will be provided in the form of Agents N, L, C, K. Agents S [read more…]

May 24, 2017

The Traitor’s Return – The First Exeter-Southampton Friendly

At a Glance

Sara Rubio, Ladies Recurve, Albion, 787 (1st)
Abbie Hall, Ladies Compound, Albion, 767 (1st)
Nick Wilson, Gents Recurve, St George, 631 (1st)
Stuart MacFarquhar, Gents Recurve, St George, 567 (1st)

Match Report

Taking place a mere two days before the entries to BUCS Outdoors closed, the chief purpose of the match was to seek qualification for as many archers from each university as possible. High initial interest dwindled, as several people either qualified beforehand, withdrew due to coursework pressures, or chose to rest [read more…]