Our Coaches

Teach us how to make the pointy straight things go in the middle

Gary Carr

– Head Coach

Shoots: “Anyone who doesn’t touch their bloody nose and chin!”
Famous for: Fish and chips
GNAS County Coach, has been shooting since 1964. (Yes, he is that old).


 Lloyd ‘Taranis’ Fletcher

– Level 1 Coach

Shoots: Yellow Win&Win Inno Max called Daisy
Famous for: Being an Aussie who is afraid of the Sun and Portsmouth faces


Matthew Wellman

– Level 1 Coach

Shoots: Red Hoyt Nexus
Famous for: Wellmanade and being an eternal equipment officer


Sara Rubio

– Level 1 Coach

Shoots: Black Win&Win Inno Max
Famous for: Holding all the SUAC Student Senior Ladies Recurve Records for indoor rounds which are still shot at UK competitions (yes that is as impressive as it sounds)

Alex Brentnall

Alex Brentnall

– Level 1 Coach

Shoots: Recurve