About Us

We are a friendly club open to all members of the University of Southampton, including Undergrads, Postgrads and Staff. We are happy to accommodate anyone interested in just shooting for fun as well as those looking for something more competitive, with chances to enter local and national competitions from almost as soon as you finish your beginners’ course as a novice, onwards!fnf test


Join Us

Taster Session

At the start of the academic year, we hold an archery taster session to give you a feel for the sport. It is absolutely free, and you need no experience whatsoever, so just turn up on the day and have a go.

This year’s taster session was on Saturday October 1st at 17:45-21:00 in the SUSU Sports Hall, Building 42. If you missed it, it’ll likely be on again around the same time next year!

Beginners’ Course

For more information on our beginners’ course please see this page.

If you haven’t completed one before, you must complete a beginners’ course before becoming a full member of the club.
This is a course of three 2.5-hour-long sessions held weekly starting in October, which costs £65 (this includes membership for the year) and will teach you everything you need to know to shoot safely and well.

Again, you need no experience whatsoever to join this course. Upon completion of your beginners’ course, you become a full member and will be able to shoot whenever our range is open.

Experienced Archers

If you have already done a beginners’ course elsewhere in the past, just email us at archclub@soton.ac.uk and we will give you more information about getting started with us.


To shoot with us throughout the year you must be a member of the club.
If you are an existing archer or join after the beginners’ course, membership is £20 per semester.
If you already are a member of another UK club and have an ArcheryGB membership, you can join us as an associate member for £10 per semester.
Note in both cases you will also need a Sport and Wellbeing membership. See below.
Membership gets you:

  • Shooting time at the range during opening times
  • Weekly coaching
  • Access to club equipment including bows, arrows and maintenance tools*
  • Membership to the UoS Athletics Union
  • Membership to ArcheryGB
  • Subsidised travel and accommodation for competitions and socials

(* experienced/senior archers are expected to have a bow. Otherwise, the club wooden bows are freely available to use)
To join the club you must also have Sport and Wellbeing membership. This is separate from our membership and covers the use of university equipment and grounds.