Beginners Course

While we are working extremely hard to make sure our range is safe for everyone, we are unable to offer any beginners courses at this time. Hopefully, this will change as restrictions are eased, so please check back later!

The next beginners course will be held when COVID-19 restrictions allow us to host. Sign up to our free prospective beginners membership to be alerted when this is the case

Our beginners’ course is a chance for anyone new to the sport to join and learn the basics. Our course focuses on safety and technique, teaching new archers to shoot comfortably and with range safety in mind.

The course is a six-week course, with 75 minutes sessions once a week for each of the six weeks. Sessions start off with the basics and progress to improving technique and setting up your own equipment. There are always experienced archers and coaches on hand to help with any questions or concerns. In order to be signed off as having completed the course, archers MUST attend a minimum of five out of six sessions.

Courses run from the start of October of each year, in line with the beginning of the academic year. Information on prices and booking can be found on our page.