Club H2H results


I won’t write a full match report since 1) most of you were there, 2) (more importantly) I’m too tired!

However, the medal winners deserve their roll of honour, so:

Individual H2H:
1st Luis Felipe Paulinyi (1)
2nd Andrew Howe (2)
3rd Chris Skipper (3)

Team H2H
1st Green (Chris Skipper, David Williams, Samantha Hewkin)
2nd Pink (Simon King, Will Homer, Matt Potticary)
3rd Red (Luis Felipe Paulinyi, Matt Leivers, Rachel Jones)

Thanks to Will Homer for the use of his truck, Samantha Hewkin for helping out even though she wasn’t due to shoot (and then for stepping in at the last minute due to a late withdrawal), Fiona Walsh for being Lady Paramount, and everyone for setting up and packing down and for being there – I think it was a really fun day.

-Stephen Fawcett

Full results

H2H Results 2013