End of beginners course info


The beginners course has now finished, and you are all emerging from your cocoons as fully fledged novices! To those of you that only paid for the course, we hope you had fun, and if you want to join the club for the rest of the year, membership is £35. For everyone else that is already a club member, read on!


As full novice members of the club, you are now able to come and shoot any day that we open the range, and seniors will always be on hand to continue to help and coach you. On days that we shoot, we will always send an opening email to our main mailing list confirming that we are actually opening, so always wait for this email before turning up. You don’t have to arrange with us at all, just turn up at the door during an opening time, walk right in and we’ll help you get shooting.

Equipment and competitions

As time goes on we will begin loaning out advanced equipment to those novices who shoot regularly and show good progress. So if you turn up at least once a week, there is a good chance we will start handing you some fancy shiny things to help your shooting.
Competitions wise, we don’t really pick specific teams for special training or anything like that. If you’re interested in going to some competitions just let us know when the time comes and you’ll probably be able to come. There are a number of competitions with categories just for novices, so you will often be competing against other archers with about as much experience as you.
On Sunday 23rd from 10am till ~2pm we’re hosting a second friendly novice competition in the range, there are only a few spaces left for that so email us quickly if you want to come. There will be lots of chocolate prizes etc. for that.


Woo socials! Next one is the archery pub quiz on the 18th at 7:30 at The Bridge. Then, the SUAC Commando run (giant inflatable bouncy castle assault course floating on the swimming pool) will be on the 22nd in Jubilee sports hall, for which you’ll need to pay Fiona £4 to reserve your place.
You’ll be getting a more detailed email about socials soon.


We’re always looking to improve our beginners course, so it would be extremely useful for any feedback at all of your experience of the course. What went well, what was bad, what were you confused about, what are you still confused about, who was unintelligible, etc. Please email feedback to the club email account, or alternatively you can send us a message anonymously through this page (password is on Facebook).

Oh and make sure you JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP, it’s invaluable for knowing goings on with the club.

See you at the raaaange!