First Socials!


As the beginners course is now underway, we take this chance to welcome all our new beginners to SUAC, and invite you all to our first socials of the year! Everyone and anyone is welcome to come along and get to know us and each other, and even if you haven’t signed up for the course yet there’s still a chance to do so before Sunday.

Here are the details of the upcoming socials, courtesy of our wonderful social sec Fiona!


Hey everybody,

The time has come again for lots of social fun! I’ve got a lot planned in October so there’s no excuse for any of you not to come to at least one of my socials ;) And novices if you are wondering who I am, my name is Fiona and I’m your lovely Social Secretary. I’m the small girl with short brown hair you may have seen at the taster session (the one who was fairly ill and kept talking to the seniors about the wonders of Lemsip). But fear not, I’m no longer that ill and I should be perfectly well for our first social this Saturday!

Saturday 5th October – Winchester Tea Rooms

This Saturday we’ll be heading down to Winchester to visit to the lovely tea rooms, drink lots of tea and eat a fair few scones. It’s a great chance for all you novices to come and meet the seniors so do feel free to come along! It also gives you freshers a chance to do something which doesn’t involve drinking if you are finally sick of feeling hungover.

The plan is I’ll be leaving from the interchange at 10.26 to get to the Airport Station hopefully for about 11 on the U1A. Novices if you aren’t sure where you are going feel free to come with me on the bus. If you can make your own way there as I imagine most seniors will, we’ll meet at Airport Parkway Station at 11.20 to get the 11.38 train. Train tickets are just under £5 with a railcard and £6.50 without a railcard. Seniors we should be back in time to shoot at the range as well, so before 5pm.

Thursday 10th October – Robin Hood Social

A SUAC tradition, the Robin Hood Social is yet another chance for novices to meet the seniors only this time with a lot more drinking and fancy dress; it’s happening next Thursday on the 10th October. Get on your best Robin Hood costume and we’ll meet at The Stags on campus at 7.30. From there we’ll move on to The Drummond Arms, The Mitre, and The Hobbit before finally stopping off in the Palace of Dreams aka Jesters. Novices if you’ve never been to Jesters before please wear shoes that you don’t mind being completely ruined by the end of the night (so not your new £40 Converse). Pub golf will also be going on so if you’re up for it you can also take part in that! Remember though it is on a Thursday so if you have lectures the next day don’t go too mental, trust me you will regret it at your 9am the next morning.

Wednesday 16th October – Robin Hood Movie Night

Another SUAC tradition, in which we’ll be watching lots of fun archery films and having a laugh on Wednesday 16th October. We’ll be in the Murray Building (58) in lecture theatre 1067. Novices if you have no idea where that is look for the really tall horrible building near the interchange side of campus (it’s the maths building never go there) and the Murray Building is the building in front of that. Alternatively if my rubbish directions aren’t good enough there are plenty of maps about on campus and I’ll be hanging around the outside of the building to guide people in.

If you fancy a pizza as you watch the films we’ll be getting them most likely from Pizzazz Pizza on Burgess Road, so turn up at 7 so we can get everybody’s orders and we’ll send some people off to get them before the film starts. Pizzas are £5.50 for any large so I’d recommend finding somebody to split one with as it works out a lot cheaper! If you know what you want beforehand just let me know and I’ll make a note of it. If you don’t fancy pizza turn up at 7.30 and we’ll start watching the films. We have the lecture theatre until 12 so we should be able to get at least two films in, keep in mind the last buses from the interchange can be from 11.30 so make sure you don’t miss your final bus! The films we may be watching include Brave, Men in Tights, Disney Robin Hood and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Saturday 26th October – Halloween Shoot

I won’t talk too much about this as I’ll probably send out a more detailed email nearer the time, but purely for novices’ sake I’ll mention that every year we hold a Halloween Shoot which is a chance for anybody to come down, novice or senior. This year it will be held on Saturday 26th October most likely after 6pm. We shoot at fun targets, fruit and stuffed toys to celebrate Halloween. There is plenty of sweets available, turn up if fancy dress if you fancy it and it’s really great fun. It’ll also be a nice chance for you novices to shoot outside the beginners course. The Halloween Fruit Shoot was one of my first socials last year and I absolutely loved it, so I definitely recommend it! It’ll be at the range as usual, and as I said before there will be a lot more details nearer the time.

I hope to see you all soon at my socials, any questions at all drop me an email or speak to me at the range.

Social love,

Fiona ;)