Hampshire Indoor Championship


At a glance

Andrew Howe – 568 – 8th
James Strudwick – 466 – 35th
Liam McDonnell – 462 – 7th
Nat Chavanich – 519 – 9th
Fiona Walsh – 455 – 3rd

Full results

HAA Portsmouth Results.pdf

Match report

The day started off well, although Andrew was delayed slightly as he had to fight his way through two fallen trees with his bike on Lovers’ Walk. The drive was perfectly fine and James Clark (who kindly offered to drive the team even though he wouldn’t be shooting) was totally not sleep deprived and didn’t swerve acround the road or perform any illegal manoevres.

Shooting started off well for Fiona in longbow land, who managed to hit a perfectly centred 10 near the start of the shoot but was later finding it difficult to repeat the triumph. Nat’s trouble with her grip continued, causing her an unfortunate miss as it slipped in her hand.
Andrew was slightly put off by the fact that he would be shooting face-to-face with an archer who later ended up in the 4-way tie for 1st-3rd places, while Liam was content that he was the Best on his boss, and so wouldn’t be worrying about others’ scores. Liam was the only SUAC archer on the first detail and, in an attempt to quell his loneliness, amused himself by taking pictures of Andrew and his left-handed rival apparently staring lovingly into eachothers eyes.

Overall, the SUAC squad were relatively disappointed with their day’s shooting and, wishing luck to Frodo for the afternoon session, gazed longingly at the rather attractive trophies as they filed out of the hall.

-Andrew H