Level up!!!!


Congratulations all beginners you have reached the official rank of novice!!! *high five yourself!*

So what next in your archery life I here you ask?? Well now your are welcome to come down the range at any time that we are open. HOWEVER our coaching nights are Mondays and Fridays so we do ask that you stick to coming down on the same day that you have been for your beginner course. I.e if you had your lessons or Friday we ask that you do NOT come down on Mondays  This is just to save space as there will be so many people and this will be removed in a few weeks.

Clothing is now available to order! Be sure to put your order in for them – we do ask for payment before we send off the order in about two weeks.

Entries to the novice ladder league is available soon – keep an eye on your e-mail!

That’s all for now folks – Congratulations!