Out with the in and into the out


Spring is here and Easter over, and summer is on the horizon. The means one thing here at SUAC and that is the Outdoor Season :D yes that is right, we are back to battling the elements of Wide Lane, in which we get to go and do some real shooting. So pack away those study books, shut down those computers and come have fun hunting arrows with you favourite archery club.

I do want to stress the importance of the fact that we are in England  that means Rain, Sun, Snow, and everything in between. That means that you NEED to bring  waterproofs and plenty of layers for when it is cold and wet, and sun cream a hat, and water. This all is common sense and of cause you are all sensible people I do not expect to be looking after when you when you collapse from heat stroke.

Wide Lane shall be open from 5pm- Dark on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. It is good practice to get down  at 4:45 so we can set up earlier and get more shooting before it gets dark.

You can view the When & Where for details of Wide Lane’s location