SEAL Friendly 2019


SEAL Friendly 2019 took place at Southampton University on Sunday 19th May.

Captain’s Report

The day started out well as we got to Wide Lane nice and early to set up and assemble equipment. Thanks to everyone who helped out the day before there wasn’t much left to do in the morning! We started shooting at 10am with three rounds being scored: St George, Albion and Windsor. It was great weather as it was dry and not very breezy. After the first distance. we stopped for a BBQ cooked by our wonderful Competitions Officer Michael Sessions (who was also field captain). After our fill of hot dogs and burgers, we went on to finish shooting. The weather got a bit less humid and a bit breezier and cooler as the day went on. By 5pm, shooting was complete and scores were calculated and medals given out.

Medal Winners:

Full results can be found here

Category Winners Photo
Male Novice Recurve


  1. David Metz (650)
  2. Callum Newlands (585)
  3. Joe Tao (375)
Female Novice Recurve


  1. Imogen Sullivan-Bell (761)
  2. Xunyan Wang (539)
  3. Bernice Tan (532)
Male Experienced Recurve

(St George)

  1. James Jackson (797)
  2. Oliver Tse (653)
  3. Harry Moncrieff Macmillan (644)
Female Experienced Recurve


  1. Maria Jacob (768)
  2. Emma Brand (503)
Male Experienced Unsighted (Longbow)

(St George)

  1. Callum Anderson (140)
Male Experienced Compound

(St George)

  1. Daniel Allen (896)
Recurve Experienced Mixed Team
  1. Knights’ Archers of Reading University (1924)
  2. University of Southampton (1353)
Recurve Novice Mixed Team
  1. University of Southampton (1680)
  2. University of London Archers (1432)
Unsighted (Longbow) Mixed Team
  1. University of Southampton (247)
Compound Mixed Team
  1. University of Portsmouth (1703)


Honorary Mention

Category Photo
Records Officer Ben Wallace Stock for (accidentally) slaying the dragon (Jade was most upset)