Saram Wand Shoot 2015


At a glance

Ally Miller – 6 wands 7 rings – 2nd
Isabelle Hawkins – 3 wands 9 rings – 4th
Janna Collier – 2 wands 4 rings – 6th
Andrew Howe – 12 wands 32 rings – 1st

Full results

Sarum Wand Results.pdf

Match report

Sunday 1st Feb
It was cold. So very, very cold. Triple wand shoot (3 x 36 arrows). Men shot at 140 yards, women at 120 yards. Lessons learned: Always use a foot marker for clouts/wands. Don’t shoot outside in winter.

Everyone managed to get at least one hit on the wand, woo!
Ally was just pushed out of first place on rings, but still walked away with the silver medal for ladies recurve.
Andy managed to find a good sightmark very quickly, getting 8 wands in the first round, but following some unfortunate mix-ups with the shooting line and his button, only managed 2 in the second and 2 in the third. He still managed to just win first place and the shiny “orion” trophy.