Sussex County Champs


At a Glance

Abby Slark 1019 1st Visitor
Sara Rubio 963 2nd Visitor
Izzy Hawkins 887
Andy Howe 1144 2nd Visitor
Matt Wellman 807
Team: Andy&Abby 2163 1st Visiting


After a fiendishly early start in order to get there on time, SUAC arrived in Crawley for the annual Sussex County Champs. Making the most of the sunny weather, the team set off well with Andy taking an early lead and Abby settling into second place on the running overall (local and visitor combined) medal tables after the first distance. Matt also learned an important lesson, sight marks are quite useful but only when your sight is actually in the right hole. The second distance continued in a similar way, (though Matt did learn his lesson and use something approaching the correct sight mark). At the end of the second distance, Andy sadly dropped off the medal table, but Abby remained firmly in second place. Lunchtime came, and with it the wind picked up. This made the afternoon’s shooting more variable as sudden gusts of wind played with the archers, making it that much more difficult. After a bad 50m, Abby dropped into 3rd place meaning it was all down to the last distance. When the shooting was finished and kit packed away, the SUAC tradition was upheld with Matt winning alcohol in the raffle.
The final rankings, unlike the running table were split into home clubs and visiting teams so SUAC was only eligible for the visitor medals, sadly not the trophies. In total we gained 5 medals, Abby got 1st place Visiting Lady Recurve, Sara took 2nd, and Issy placed 5th. Andy received the 2nd place Visiting Male Recurve medal, and Matt, after sorting his sight issues, placed 5th. A team comprised of Abby and Andy and a total score of 2163 also picked up 1st place, actually beating the Sussex team by 77 points, but we still weren’t allowed the trophy.
A successful trip for SUAC and a great day out for the archers. .