Waterside FITA Weekend


At a Glance

WA 720
Ally – 454
Abby – 304

WA 1440
Andy – 1147
Ally – 1023
Izzy – 856


The first day was a WA 720 and a Head to Head. Ally and Abby shot whilst Declan ended up judging. This surprised the girls somewhat as they discovered that they had to be at the competition ridiculously early, though not early enough as Declan missed the setting up of the field. He did, however, get a free bacon sandwich for his troubles which Ally and Abby were very jealous of. The 720 started with many people complaining about the strong wind that didn’t seem to be able to make its mind up on where it was coming from. The round resulted in a pb for both Abby and Ally and seeded them 5th and 11th. There was then a break for lunch as the organisers tried to figure out what was happening in the afternoon. Eventually, the format was announced, the scoreboards were handed out and the first round commenced. Almost. There seemed to be some confusion amongst the women as most of the first round of matches had no competitors, they were just shooting by themselves. Ally got a bye in this round and Abby won her match against herself. The next round was more interesting, especially as the ladies were moved targets. This caused some confusion but eventually everything was sorted. The round began, Ally was shooting against the 12th seed, Tina Grace, and Abby against the 4th, Abby Loader. Ally managed to win 6-2 against Tina after having some problems in the first end. Abby beat Abby (confusing?) 6-4 with the last end being decided by 1 point. This saw both of them progress to the quarter finals. This put Ally and Abby against each other where Ally won 6-0. This lead to the semi-finals where Ally lost 7-3 to Eleanor Piper, a junior who seeded 1st on the full women’s round. Ally kept saying that just to justify losing to a 16 year old. This pushed Ally to the Bronze medal match against Chantelle, where Ally lost her nerve and with 2 misses lost 6-2. This put Ally 4th overall and Abby joint 5th.

The second day was a WA 1440, this started off with some rain but it eventually cleared up, with the same changing winds as the previous day. There was a pheasant that decided it was going to wander behind the targets after lunch which the longbows were trying to tempt behind their target. The entire day was shot in 6 arrow ends, however to protect the arrows this meant moving to 2 6 ring faces at 30m. This annoyed some barebows who hadn’t realised this would happen, despite being on the prospectus. This resulted in some shouting and one of the male barebows ripping up his score sheet and leaving at the change of distance. Andy ended up in 1st place for the gents with 1147. Ally scored 1023, just missing out on Bowmen. Izzy shot a respectable 856.