Welcome Freshers! … and everyone else of course :)


Thanks to everyone who visited the SUAC stall at Bunfight today. We all had a great time meeting everyone!

EXPERIENCED ARCHERS: Please read the section marked ‘EXPERIENCED ARCHERS’.
EVERYONE ELSE: Read on :).

Just to remind you that our taster session is running from 12-2pm on Saturday (1st October) in the Old Sports Hall at the bottom of SUSU. Everyone will get a chance to shoot a few arrows and sign up to our beginners courses! Please try to make sure that you wear clothing that is not too loose, tie back any long hair and remove any piercings that could prove problematic before coming to the session, it will speed things up :) (all these things also apply to beginners sessions).

EXPERIENCED ARCHERS: We would be grateful if you could email the club ASAP letting us know a brief bit about your archery background as we would like to gather everyone together in the next week or so for a session and to get everything organised. Please also mention any coaching experience!

FIRST SOCIAL PLUG OF THE YEAR: Everyone start getting your costumes ready for our first big social of the year the ROBIN HOOD PUB CRAWL on 12th October. This will start at 7 at the Stags head and progress through Portswood throughout the evening, probably with some Pub Archery thrown in (all will be revealed!).

That’s all for now! Please keep checking the website and sign up to our Facebook group :)

The SUAC Committee