Andover FITA 2014


At a glance

Isabelle Hawkins – 635 – 12th
Janna Collier – 587 – 13th
Stephen Fawcett – 892 – 24th

Full Results

Andover FITA Results 2014.xls


Our entries to this competition had originally been cancelled due to no driver being available. However my plans for that day were changed and I decided in a moment of madness to apply for some last minute places as Stephen Fawcett and Isabelle Hawkins still wanted to go. As there were only three of us we decided that a minibus was a little excessive and so we hired a car from the airport. The hire car turned out to be a bright yellow Skoda! Typically for a competition day it was pouring with rain and very windy when we left. The instructions to get to the field included an unusual number of roundabouts and with only one wrong turn taken we managed to find the location fairly easily. We won’t mention that I’d not driven a car in about four years and on the motor way was doing 60 in third gear by accident, whoops!!! On arrival I managed to out ‘archery whore’ Stephen by being greeted by name at the desk. I’d shot with the guys daughter last year and he remembered me. We set up in the rain and found our targets. Stephen was down one end on target 2 by a tree line while Izzy and I were on targets 25 and 26 right at the other end, with no tree line to protect us. Luckily the rain stopped just as we got started, however the wind did not. Stephens end of the field was quickly becoming called the ‘indoor range’ due to the tree line blocking all the wind, while Izzy and I battled the elements at our end. Lunch was eaten in the car and the sun finally came out. I decided not to tempt fate and kept my waterproofs on for the rest of the day. A decision I regretted after about 10 minutes in the sunshine! Parker had come along for the competition but had decided to stay in the car. By the end even though Stephen and Izzy had shot well there was a very high level of archery being shot that day so we decided to make a run for it after packing up. Mostly due to the fact that I was terrified of receiving the Lady Paramount prize!! We got a little lost on the way back to Southampton but eventually managed to drop everyone home. Getting the car back was a little tricky as I’d managed to lock myself out of the house and then there was a small issue of not being able to get the petrol cap off the car to refill it. But it all got sorted out in the end and I won’t make the mistake of doing a late entry to a competition again
-Janna Collier