Salisbury FITA 2014


At a glance

Team (Andy, Tap, Matt, Janna) – 3418

Andrew Howe – 1077 – 12th
Stephen Fawcett – 973 – 25th
Matt P – 966 – 28th
Janna Collier – 866 – 14th
Fiona Walsh – 502 – 6th

Full Results



18th May 2014
We again had the luxury of traveling in Fiona’s favourite spacious comfortable bus, and with our small numbers were able to spread and stretch out around the vehicle. After last year’s run in with a dog and some cows, while we didn’t almost hit anything, we did pass a herd of Donkeys (or a “pace of asses”???) courteously following the rules of the road by walking on the correct side.

Andy, having only recently realised that his exams were next week (starting on Tuesday) rather than the following, was not particularly prepared for this competition: he had no sightmarks, bottom nocking point or suncream. Between every end he was reading through notes and textbooks as revision, and found that it actually helped with shooting to not be worrying about archery at all during the shoot. Meanwhile, Parker was at the SWAC booth helping with refreshments by “protecting” the chocolate bars, Matt was having some trouble shooting at the correct target, and Fiona was becoming more and more exhausted with the day’s shooting, but was luckily protected from the heat by a free hat donated to her by a nearby archer.
Throughout the day several other people at the competition reported shooting on wrong targets, and it seemed that sight marks were moving up by surprising amounts throughout the day.

Unfortunately we had to leave early to return the minibus, Tap trading his raffle ticket to get Parker back. During our rush to get home, we were sent on wild goose chase all around the field in search of the team scores sheet which we had neglected to collect earlier.
As the party bus arrived in Southampton, it triumphantly blasted Spice Girls “wannabe” to the scattered audience of bemused onlookers.