Wessex Albion 2014


At a glance

SUAC Recurve team (Andy, Nat, Dom) – 3rd – 2413

Andrew Howe – 4th – 808
Dominic Collis – 5th – 797
James Clark – 7th – 743
Sam Killgallon – 8th – 739
Stephen Fawcett – 9th – 731
Nata Chavanich – 3rd – 808

Full results



6 July 2014
The day started off with James being late and almost missing the shoot, having woken up at the time we were supposed to be leaving. Meanwhile, Tap’s target was having an intense committee meeting about the position of scopes on the line, which was eventually resolved by the judges.
Unfortunately, Tap himself was unwell and couldn’t shoot through the clicker but luckily coaching help was on hand in the form of the friendly Loader family.

Sam started off trying to beat James and the novice record, but as the day went on and the cake intake increased it didn’t happen.
Despite all of his hoping James Clark’s raffle tickets did not win him any of the shooting medals, even when the scores matched the number on the ticket.

After taking some team photos (while luckily avoiding the photobomber who sprinted halfway across the field in an attempt to foil us, good effort that man) the team decided that a car driven by learner driver Sam under supervision by Dom was safer than James Clark’s sleepmobile, so everyone piled into Sam’s car instead.

There were no survivors.