Bath Clout 2014


At a glance

SUAC Barebow team (Fiona, Liam, James N) – 459 – 4th
SUAC Recurve team (Andrew, Sam K, James C) – 886 – 2nd

Liam McDonnell – 157 – 2nd
James Nelson – 113 – 4th
Andrew Howe – 321 – 3rd
Declan Ashworth – 240 – 6th
John Bowes – 236 – 8th
Matt Potticary – 215 – 9th
Stephen Fawcett – 201 – 11th
Sam Killgallon – 297 – 1st
James Clark – 268 – 4th
Fiona Walsh – 189 – 1st
Samantha Hewkin – 237 – 1st
Janna Collier – 236 – 2nd
Isabelle Hawkins – 184 – 4th

Full results

Bath Clout Individual Results 2014.pdf
Bath Clout Team Results 2014.pdf


4th May 2014
This day started out with many sunburnt SUACers piling into James Nelson’s car and a replacement minibus with “Highway Maintenance” written on the back. Luckily the replacement van had such a large boot the passengers of James car could put their kit in with ours, giving them more room in the car. Matt P bravely took the first driving shift to the venue which involved going up a very steep hill. We all prayed for our lives as he had to keep the speed up while navigating sharp corners up the hill to stop the van rolling back down! We made it safely and early to the field and those of us who regretted not having suncream the day before made up for it by applying plenty to our burnt skin. We set up in plenty of time and enjoyed the free tea and coffee along with some doughnuts from the well-stocked refreshments table.
Everyone was spread out quite evenly apart from poor James Clark who was the only SUACer on his target. I’m not sure how he and Sam K managed to be without each other for so long but they struggled through. Sam K this time wore his club shirt instead of his ‘wife-beater’ so didn’t have to endure to much stick from the rest of us. Practice began with the usual underestimating of the distance by most of us. Tap just to be different decided to overestimate and over shoot his target repeatedly. On the girls’ target, Sam H, Izzy, Fiona and Sam K (honorary girl for the day) managed to find their sight marks quickly, with Janna struggling behind. As the scoring began James N and Janna were still struggling to find their sight marks and Tap continued to go over his target. Matt P discovered a new way of sighting and told us of a compounder on his target with her sight on the end of her longrod. Thankfully he didn’t try this out for himself.
Lunch was pretty uneventful due to tiredness from the Alumni shoot the day before. There was however much excitement over the high quality raffle. Even Janna bought a ticket, which is a rare occurrence! On offer were chocolates, wine, beer and two DVDs – Catching Fire and The Desolation of Smaug – they obviously knew their target audience for the shoot very well! The second clout started after lunch and Janna finally found her sight mark. She managed to claw her way back up the points and finally ended up in 2nd place only one point behind our own Sam H who came in 1st place for Ladies University Recurve. Liam took 2nd place in the University Gents Barebow and Andy took 3rd for Uni Gents Recurve. Fiona took 1st for Ladies Uni Barebow and Sam K took a hard fought 1st place for Novice Gents Uni Recurve, beating his opponent by just 4 points. The recurve team of Sam K, Andy and James C came in 2nd place and the barebow team of Fiona, Liam and James N came in 4th. As the organisers had an issue getting the medals (the first lot arrived with judo pictures on) we were given a cookie instead of a medal which was no bad thing. The raffle was drawn and Tap won the exact same prize as last year, a box of Milk Tray, which he shared with the occupants of the minibus on the drive back.
Janna took the second shift of driving home and managed to get the minibus back down the steep hill without crashing. The scenery was beautiful but she didn’t want it to be the last thing anyone ever saw and so kept her eyes on the road. Unfortunately her contact lenses had other ideas and Matt P had to take over the driving half way home to avoid an accident. We made it back to Southampton in one piece and some hardcore people went off to the pub quiz while the rest of us went home to nurse our sunburnt skin.