E-League results Sept/Oct 2013


In case you weren’t aware, every month SUAC submits their archers’ highest Portsmouth scores to an online leaderboard known as the British University Archery E-League. Sometimes mentioned as one of the three main inter-university archery competitions (along with BUCS and BUTC), the e-league is a fun way to compare your scores with other archers (and novice archers) across the country.
Past and present results can be found at this site, which is updated on the 7th of each month.

So, today being the 7th, the results for September/October are out, and there are SUAC people all over them! Five seniors gents in the top 30, five senior ladies, three barebow archers in their respective top tens, a third place for Liam in his first longbow submission, and a massive EIGHT male novices and SEVEN female novices made their respective top 30s!
Click here for the full list of this month’s individual rankings.

As well as individual rankings, teams of four from each university are also ranked against each other in a range of divisions. In division 1, Southampton A team came 2nd with a combined score of 2266. Meanwhile in division 2, Southampton B and C teams came 4th and 7th, respectively.
On the novice side of things, the novice A team came 4th in division 1, while the B and C teams came 2nd and 3rd in divisions 2 and 3.

Great shooting everyone, keep it up and we’ll see how we fare next month!