End of the beginners’ course!


As of Monday, the beginners course will officially be over, and all you beginners will be fully fledged novices! For those of you that have bought club membership, you are now full members of the club, and so will soon be able to come down and shoot as often as you like.

When novices are allowed to come and shoot

To try and keep control of numbers, for the first two weeks (12th Nov – 25th Nov) we will be using the following system:

  • All novices may shoot any Tuesday 3pm-7pm, Thursday 2pm-6pm and Saturday 5pm-10pm.
  • If you were on a Monday beginners course slot, you may shoot any Monday 5pm-10pm, but not Fridays or Sundays.
  • If you were on a Friday beginners course slot, you may shoot any Friday 5pm-10pm, but not Mondays or Sundays.
  • If you were on a Sunday beginners course slot, you may shoot any Sunday 2pm-5pm, but not Mondays or Fridays.
  • Only Seniors may shoot Sundays 10am-12.

We shall follow these guidelines until the 25th of November. After the 25th of November, anyone will be allowed to shoot on any day.

Before the range opens, the senior opening the range will send out an email to the SUAC mailing list to confirm that it will be opening and at what time. Always check the email before coming down, because some days the range may not open when it should (e.g. if it floods). Normal range opening times can be found here.

If you want to come and shoot, you can just turn up at any of these times that the range is open, grab a bow and start shooting. There will always be seniors there who will be able to help you out in case you have forgotten anything from the beginners course or just want help to improve.

Special cases

On Sunday the 17th, we shall be holding a special session from 12 till 2pm in which we shall demonstrate different bowstyles that are available to shoot, namely barebow, compound and longbow. If you are interested in these other styles of shooting, come along to this session to learn more about them.

On Sunday the 24th, there will be no shooting at all for both seniors and novices at the range as we will be hosting a competition for the South East Archery League.


See you at the range!