Graduate Glory at the SUAC Alumni Day Shoot


At A Glance


Sara Rubio, Ladies Recurve, Albion, 796 (1st)
Abbie Hall, Ladies Compound, Albion, 678 (1st)
Frodo, Gents Compound, St George, 532 (1st)
Kathryn Holyland, Ladies Recurve, Albion, 513 (3rd)
Nick Wilson, Gents Recurve, St George, 555 (4th)
Elena Sun, Ladies Recurve, Albion, 343 (4th)
Stuart MacFarquhar, Gents Recurve, St George, 532 (5th)
Rachael Smith, Ladies Recurve, Albion, 301 (5th)


Dominic Collis, Gents Recurve, St George, 698 (1st)
Jamie Tyler, Gents Barebow, St George, 104 (1st)
Georgina Whitlock, Ladies Recurve, Albion, 723 (2nd)
Andrew Howe, Gents Recurve, St George, 623 (2nd)
John Bowes, Gents Recurve, St George, 582 (3rd)

Match Report

As part of the university-wide Alumni Day, we invited our alumni down to shoot against current students at Wide Lane. We had a fantastic turnout, with five alumni shooting and two more (Dr Stephen ‘Tap’ Fawcett and James Clark) dropping by to visit.

After a frantic morning gathering the bosses needed for the shoot from the container at the indoor range and transporting them to Wide Lane, everything was assembled and set up in time to start shooting. A few ends were given for people to check (or find) sight marks, and then the shoot got underway.
It was an eventful shoot, with both Frodo and Jamie breaking arrows during the day – Frodo’s falling victim to the stand that he shot it into, while Jamie’s presumably defective arrow simply sheared in half.

Much confusion was caused on target 1, with three of the four archers shooting arrows with white spin-wings. Jamie, meanwhile, got off to a slow start, doubling his score from 15 to 30 with a single end at one point.

On target 2, Dom made what was presumably an attempt to coach Frodo by writing notes on his shooting by the side of the scoresheet, while Frodo made use or Dom’s left-handedness, borrowing the scope that had been set up between them. He must have forgotten that he wasn’t sharing it, though, as at one point heads bashed as they both went to check their arrows at the same time.
I was too far away to really track the occurrences on the Albion targets, unfortunately, so I invite anyone who thinks something should be added to this report to let me know.