Oh My God, We Killed Kennie!!


Despite the early start, people turned up on time and we got off to a quick start, getting everyone set up with their equipment in time to start at 9:30.

Unusually for SUAC, the shoot progressed almost entirely without incident, apart from the seniors helping with scoring getting rather excited when the leaders in the field amongst the gents (Kennie and Fabrizio) were only a few points apart each time the scores were updated.

With everyone shooting a lot more arrows than they had done before, tiredness began to take hold towards the end of the shoot, with no one feeling it more acutely than Kennie, who was distinctly aware that he still had a beginners course immediately after the competition. He saw it through regardless, and at the end of the session realised that he had shot 97 arrows, and so took a final three during the break to bring it to a round 100 for the day.


Gold: Fabrizio Cinque: 343
Silver: Kennie Hayward: 307
Bronze: Ravi Sridharan: 268
Jinb Teh: 245
Patrick Nadan: 215
Hassan Nooh: 188
Sheng Kai Ong: 152


Gold: Jade Topham: 272
Silver: Yanna Fidai: 221
Bronze: Zhou You: 191
Zoe Booth: 164