Seal Non-Recurve Leg 1


Full results can be found here

After the surprisingly quick-moving Beginners’ Competition in the morning, it was time for three seniors to take on the first leg of SEAL Non-Recurve of 2019. Two longbowmen and a compound packed into one car and headed off for Surrey Uni’s Sports Park, joined by the many, many, ‘colourful’ songs of comedy rock group Ninja Sex Party. Who needs GPS when Callum has done this drive many times before? With Guildford in sight, the traffic turned into a standstill, any time we had left for traffic had elapsed by the time the cars started to move again, but as it turns out, the other teams were also caught up.

Upon setup, Callum noticed his serving was unravelling. This was soon to be his downfall, as only 1 dozen arrows had passed before his longbow became unusable, and unfortunately, had to retire early on a score of 66. After a close competition with a target mate, Stuart ended the leg with a score of 287, coming 1st out of the senior male longbows. In Daniel’s first compound competition he scored 415, and after the second or third time querying his arrows, he ‘realised’ he was too strict on line cutting and if in doubt to just call out the higher score.

On the way out, the burger van sighted on arrival had unfortunately gone, and so all that was left was to drive back to Southampton. Overall, it was quite a fun shoot, with Stuart passing the BUCS qualification score of 218. The next leg is on the 1st/2nd February 2020, so if you shoot a non-recurve bow style and want to compete, get in touch with one of the seniors/committee members.