Varsity 2020


On a sunny Sunday morning, the great SUAC vs UPAC rivalry was reignited as Varsity returned to Southampton. Shooting the week before the official Varsity weekend, SUAC were hoping to start the match off right by winning as many varsity points as possible. Two sessions worth of archers were ready to begin the battle for the ever-intimidating Varsity trophy (we all love it really), proudly displayed on the registration table as everyone arrived. Another early start had SUAC setting up the range for a long day of shooting, now well-versed in how to run a competition with multiple sessions and everything was definitely set up perfectly, no problems here.

As session one approached, the range began to fill up with bleary-eyed archers keen to get going. Session one ran smoothly, with no maths errors and all running slips handed in quickly and efficiently. The session ended with plenty of time, session two turning up as the last end was shot, slightly damp from the intense hailstorm battering the range from the outside (I know, I’m just as surprised as you that the range can withstand that).

Session two began, with some impressive starting dozens on both sides, the scoring team desperately trying not to slip in the now slightly damp back-room (think paddling pool). The session continued to run smoothly, an exception being some very late running slips and some obvious maths errors (only 100 points out). Now began the mammoth task of working out the teams, done valiantly by the comps officer while everyone eagerly waited to hear the results.

SUAC managed to win 3/4 of the Varsity points on offer, with UPAC taking the win in the first novice team category. After a quick tidy-up, the call to the pub was made, with the scoring team and comps officer bailing out to go home and sleep after another successful competition.