Waterside FITA Weekend Results


At a Glance

Saturday Results (WA720 + H2H):

Ally Miller (6th) 330 (Qualified 8th) (Women’s Recurve WA720)
Isabelle Hawkins 419 (8th) 419 (Qualified 7th) (Women’s Recurve WA720)
James Strudwick (17th) 389 (Qualified 27th) (Men’s Recurve WA720)

Sunday Results (WA1440 + Metrics):
Ladies WA1440

Ally Miller (3rd) 1040 (Women’s Recurve WA1440)
Abby Slark (10th) 958 (Women’s Recurve WA1440)
Rosie Boekee-West (1st) 216 (Women’s Barebow Metric II)
Tim Deehan (3rd) 475 (Men’s Recurve Metric I)


The Waterside FITA weekend is a lovely shoot in the New Forest and this year several SUAC archers decided to shoot it. On the Saturday, Ally Miller, Izzy Hawkins and James ‘Frodo’ Strudwick flew the SUAC flag! The round was a WA720, i.e. 6 dozen arrows at 70m, followed by a direct knock out head to head. Ally had problems getting a consistent sight position and struggled with her qualifying score. Frodo had similar issues as he only worked out how to shoot correctly in the last dozen. Frodo came up against the 4th seed in the first round of the head to head and couldn’t quite put it all together to get past him. Izzy and Ally both made it to the last 8 before succumbing to higher seeded archers.

The Sunday was a WA1440 round, and SUAC were represented by Tim Deehan, Abby Slark and Rosie Boekee-West, with a wild David “Boris” Williams floating around to help the two novices qualify for BUCS. Boris set up his scope for Tim and went back and forth to try and help Rosie find where her arrows were going. Ally shot well all day but was worried going into the last distance whether she would get a bowman score, she did, by 3 points; cue elation and happiness for Ally! Unfortunately for Abby and Tim, each had a shoulder that started to feel a bit sore and their performance dropped at the end. Rosie had a very good day and kept scoring points steadily at each distance and easily reached the BUCS qualifying score part way through 30m; cue dancing and happiness for Rosie!

There was much sunburn had by all, as well many laughs with Surrey University who turned up in full force to qualify for BUCS. A certain Surrey mascot may have enjoyed their time in the New Forest too much and decided to stay with his new best friend Parker down south a bit longer!

Full results can be found here: http://www.watersidearchers.co.uk/Waterside_Competitions