1960 – The Moderate Expansion

However SUAC has never been a club to lie in the gutter like a drunken student and in 1961, with the arrival of DK Jenkins, SUAC was bouncing back like a Space Hopper as the Three-Cornered Match (and Bristol now) shows. This time it was the turn for Oxford to be humiliated. (Albion men, Windsor women) Cam. 2013, SUAC 1554, Brist. 1539, Oxfd. 899 (he he he). 1962 saw two competitions against unusual teams occur. The first against Southampton Archers Ordnance Survey at Slymouth Barracks and the Second against Ealing Archers at Ringwood Road Drill Hall, Toton. Between 1963-5 saw a change in handicap rules, and in the 63/4 academic year, we find a postal league between Sheffield and Bristol which SUAC won. The Inter-University Postal League was hosted by SUAC in 1964 which saw 7 universities taking part. These were (in order of winning) Sheffield, Cambridge, SUAC, Bristol (once again beaten by us), Oxford, Leeds and Edinburgh coming last. The good run of SUAC lasted well into the ’60s as the 68 postal league testifies. (In order-) Edinburgh (A), SUAC (A), Oxford (A), Aberystwyth (whatever happened to them?), Manchester, Bristol, Swansea, Edinburgh (B), SUAC (B) and last and in this case quite least Cambridge (gasp). We managed to notch 2nd in 69/70 and 3rd in 70/71.