AC Delco Trinity Hereford


At a Glance

Results (Hereford):

Andrew Howe 1146 1st
Sara Rubio 938 1st
Sam Baldwin (c) 1196 2nd
Tom Reed (c) 1138 4th
Abby Slark 717 4th
Lloyd Fletcher 1045 5th
David Williams 997 7th
Adam Darbyshire RTD

Results (Bristol II):

Novelita Mondamina 805 2nd
Valeria Amezcua 766 3rd
Kathryn Holyland 460 4th

Results (Team):

Andrew, Lloyd, David, Sara 4126 1st

Full results can be found here:

Results of the 2016 AC Delco 38th Trinity (pdf)



What better way to celebrate the end of exams than shooting in a lovely friendly local archery competition!? Well, many SUAC archers agreed with this and so 11 members set off just up the road to Eastleigh for the AC Delco Trinity Hereford. It was a windy but very hot day which meant shooting would be tricky but at least enjoyable. Andy came out of the blocks shooting well, leading after the first distance and then never giving up top spot after that. Sara wasn’t happy with her shooting but still won (if only by 4 points). Adam developed a painful blister on his hand and had to retire early despite shooting well considering the pain he was in. Lloyd and David were close to each other throughout until David started having problems and fell away near the end. Novelita, Valeria and Kathryn has a close competition between the three of them, with two of them picking up medals. Abby was still nursing her shoulder back to full health and so she was happy when we finished the day and she wasn’t in too much pain. Tom and Sam had a tough day with their compounds. Tom was tied at every distance with the other compound on his target but pulled ahead in the last distance to get 4th, only a handful of points off of 3rd. Sam discovered something wrong with his peep sight and so had problems until he found out what the issue was, but still shot well enough for second. So after many ups and downs, the team were surprised to win overall as David’s problems severely limited their score. This is the first time SUAC have ever won this tournament (it’s over 40 years old) and the first time a club other than the home team had won in a decade! This was also David’s first ever medal in an open competition (in 5/6 years of archery) and Lloyd’s first on pom soil. If that wasn’t enough things to win, Sam won the best gold, while Andy won the gold colour prize (and bought some Easter eggs) and we won some bits in the raffle too! All in all, a good day shooting!