Pudding Party


It’s time for possibly the most anticipated social of the year, the SUAC Pudding Party!

Pretty simple, just create some sort of dessert, bring it along to Fiona’s house on Tuesday 21st at 7pm, then stuff your face with everyone else’s and fall into a coma.

There will be voting and prizes for best senior dessert, best beginner dessert, best presentation and most original.

If you can’t think of what to make, here’s some words:

Cake biscuits trifle custard blancmange cake-pops jelly yoghurt fruit cream sweets malteasers chocolate pizza white chocolate rich target arrow archery bow pinata cupcakes fudge caramel wafer pancakes crepe waffle diabetes brownies sorbet ice-cream lollipop food colouring eat scoff munch flavouring strawberry mint peppermint cherry banana apple orange vanilla essence crumbs bread&butter pudding rice pudding parfait eclair tiramasu alcohol profiteroles monstrosity chewy crackly fizzy shortbread inedible rock cakes jaffa cakes cookies buttery biscuit base drippin’ that chocolate sawce curly wurly bonbonbonbons after-dinner mints lemon sherbert candycane disaster christmas pudding chocolate log