SUAC shoot strong at AC Delco Indoors!


At a glance

Single Round Portsmouth
Sam Baldwin, Gent’s Compound, 584 (1st)
Patrick Corning, Gent’s Barebow, 353 (2nd)
Abigail Hall, Ladies Compound, 533 (4th)
David Williams, Gents Longbow, 285 (4th, PB)
Stuart MacFarquhar, Gent’s Recurve, 550 (7th, PB)
Tom Reed, Gent’s Compound, 563 (9th)
Kathryn Holyland, Ladies Recurve, 528 (10th, PB)
Ziheng Guo, Gent’s Compound, 560 (11th)
Abigail Slark, Ladies Recurve, 490 (14th)
Ella Caldeira-Hankey, Ladies Recurve, 488 (15th)
James Strudwick, Gent’s Compound, 550 (17th, PB)
Rachael Smith, Ladies Recurve, 377 (20th)

Double Round Portsmouth
Ziheng Guo, Gent’s Compound, 1121 (3rd)
Stuart MacFarquhar, Gent’s Recurve, 1085 (4th)

Team News!
Compound Team (Tom Reed, Ziheng Guo, James Strudwick) – 1663, 2nd place
Recurve Team (Stuart MacFarquhar, Kathryn Holyland, Abigail Slark, Ella Caldeira-Hankey) – 2051, 5th place


Match report

After threats of leaving without people were made the night beforehand, everyone turned up at 8am on the dot on a brisk Sunday morning to head off to the AC Delco Indoor Tournament just up the road in Eastleigh. Ella had been there since 7:30am due to busses, but showed commitment despite not having anywhere warm to stay in the mean time. Luckily, Abbie and Frodo were making their own way, so there was plenty of space for everyone to get in cars with their kit. Tom decided to put Fleming Park into his SatNav instead of joining a convoy with everyone else, leading to him being 10 minutes later than everyone else. However, we arrived, found Frodo, before a wild (and ill) Abbie arrived, we all set up and got on with shooting.

Club member Nick Wilson had also turned up to support. What he witnessed at his first shoot was Abbie continuously injuring herself (but shooting ok), while David decided to throw technique out the window as somehow he was hitting the target despite doing it all wrong. James was pushing his team mate from Crawley archers close (this was after a competition in the summer in which the same team mate had lost narrowly to Tom). Much trash talking occurred. Kathryn was shooting well and Stuart couldn’t quite believe how good his first half was. Meanwhile, Sam, who was shooting in the second session stood up in the balcony and gazed at the targets with his binoculars.

After a hard first session, Patrick wasn’t feeling well and pulled out of the double round, choosing to go home instead. Tom was happy to have beaten Ziheng at the last, while Stuart, Kathryn, James and David all celebrated personal bests (the latter two having qualified for BUCS on their new bow types too!). Abbie was surprised at her score, although other Abby wasn’t too happy with hers, she still made the team. Rachael was disappointed but up beat, and everyone had a lovely time joining in with all the other archers around them.

Ziheng and Stuart continued onto the second session and were joined by Sam who was to start his first round. Sam shot one point better than second place, and Ziheng was amazed to come third overall on the double round, with Stuart only just missing out on a medal too. In all, SUAC took home one gold, two silver and a bronze, but had several fourth places which could have been medals on other days. Well done to everyone that shot. The results can be found here