The Sussex Blue Lion Soup Shoot Champs…?


At a glance

Sussex Champs – Saturday WA1440 (Gents and Ladies), Metrics I & II
Sara Rubio – Ladies’ WA1440, Recurve, 969, (3rd)
Rachael Smith – Ladies’ WA1440, Recurve, 710, (5th)
Lloyd Fletcher – Gents’ WA1440, Recurve, 1013, (10th)
Tom Reed – Gents’ WA1440, Compound, 1230, (3rd)
James Strudwick – Gents’ WA1440, Recurve, 704, (16th)

Sussex Champs – Sunday WA1440 (Gents and Ladies), Metrics I & II
Sara Rubio – Ladies’ WA1440, Recurve, 1068, (2037 double WA1440)
Rachael Smith – Ladies’ WA1440, Recurve, 701, (1411 double WA1440)
James Strudwick – Gents’ WA1440, Recurve, 720, (1424 double WA1440)

Bournemouth Blue Lion – Sunday St. George, Albion, Windsor
Lloyd Fletcher – St George, Recurve, 750, (2nd)
Tom Reed – St George, Compound, 805 (6th, club record!)
Valeria Amezcua – Windsor, Recurve, 785 (1st, no award, club record!)
Novelita Mondamina – Windsor, Recurve, 784 (2nd, no award)

Crawley Soup Shoot – Saturday, WA900
Sara Rubio – Recurve, 759, (2nd, club record!)
Lloyd Fletcher – Recurve, 762, (3rd)
James Strudwick – Recurve, 547, (9th)

Crawley Soup Shoot – Sunday, Windsor
Sara Rubio – Recurve, 880, (1st, club record!)
Lloyd Fletcher – Recurve, 894, (4th, club record!)
James Strudwick – Recurve, 586, (14th)

Results can be found here:
Sussex Champs:
Bournemouth Blue Lion:
Soup Shoot:

Over the course of 9 days in July, SUAC archers competed in 5 days worth of competition spanning the south east! Here is a round up of the results of the two weekends!

Match report

The SUAC summer shooting success stories started at the Sussex Championships in Crawley. Lloyd Fletcher, Tom Reed, Sara Rubio and Rachael Smith all scooted off for this, with an additional James ‘Frodo’ Strudwick shooting for his home club Crawley. Lloyd and Tom were shooting one day (Saturday), while Sara, Rachael and Frodo were shooting both. On the Saturday, everyone got burnt except Lloyd with his impeccable Aussie defence to the Sun and came 10th. Sara had an off day as the heat took hold, but still finished third! Rachael was shooting her first full ladies WA1440, so put in a strong performance all weekend finishing 5th. Tom however had a great day. While other compounders were discussing who was going to come third, Tom sneaked in and nabbed the bronze medal off them!

The second day of shooting at the Sussex Champs saw only Rachael, Frodo and Sara return, as Lloyd and Tom were shooting in Bournemouth. They were the only visitors shooting the ladies’ WA1440, coming 1st and 2nd respectively. As Frodo was shooting for his home club, he qualified for the Sussex archers, and came 12th. It should be noted that Sara would have finished third in the Sussex archers if she was able to shoot in that.

The Bournemouth Blue Lion shoot took place in a different county to the Sussex Champs that Tom and Lloyd had competed in the day earlier. Joining them was Novelita Mondamina and Vale Amezcua. Vale and Novelita, fresh from the previous day had a right ding-dong battle. Despite hitting with all her arrows, Novelita was edge out by team mate Valeria by one single point! No prizes were awarded as novice rounds are not recognised, but it was strong showing by both of them nonetheless! Lloyd put in a strong performance to win the silver medal in the men’s recurve, whilst Tom was a bit further back in 6th in the men’s compound, which isn’t bad for a novice! Tom’s score is also a new club record for novices and seniors too.

Now onto the second weekend in the SUAC summer of silly shooting shenanigans! This weekend was one two day shoot but with two different rounds: a WA900 on the Saturday and a Windsor on the Sunday. Sara, Lloyd and Frodo decided to represent SUAC this time around, not content on their shooting the previous weekend. This shoot was for charity and so it was a chilled and relaxing weekend. Nevertheless, there were shineys and raffle prizes to be won!

On the Saturday, Sara and Lloyd were on the same target again and were neck and neck the whole way. Going into the last end they were neck and neck on score, but Lloyd just pipped Sara at the end to win the inter-SUAC battle! Despite Lloyd winning the battle, Sara won the war as she claimed the silver medal whereas Lloyd got the bronze. This battle continued on the Sunday with swirling wind. Lloyd came out 14 points clear this time, but Sara still won the ladies competition and unfortunately Lloyd didn’t win any shineys for his efforts. Frodo concentrated on the raffle and won twice, so shineys all round!

This weekend marks a sad occasion, as Jedi Frodo has now gone to sleep.